Guillemette Panayi Sabatier
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Si tu as cru au Père Noël pendant 6 ans, tu peux bien croire en toi 5 minutes

One day, you are sure, we will unmask you. One day those around you will realize that you are not up to it and that your successes are due to luck. You think it’s only a matter of time, and it terrifies you.
However, you did not find your diplomas, your job, or your friends in a surprise bag. So where is the problem ?
This book is a gift made especially for you! Designed as a liberating kit, it will help you analyze what led you to misjudge yourself in this way and put in place solutions to free yourself from this feeling of imposture. Simple advice and exercises will help you accept your limits and finally dare to assert yourself in your uniqueness and your desires.

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