Dr. Linda Bark
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Coaching for Joy, Health and Success

The Wisdom of the Whole: Coaching for Joy, Health, and Success

Learn all about holistic/integral coaching! If you are a professional who helps others to lead flourishing, happier lives, this book will help you become even more effective. If you are interested in learning about effective change for yourself, this book is also for you because of its fun and easy design, playful illustrations, and interactive exercises. The Wisdom of the Whole invites people to look through multiple windows for exploration and action. The powerful mental tools described in this book are based on critical thinking, analysis, and planning. But we can’t stop there! The stories clients tell themselves as well as techniques such as imagery and affirmations, can help clients travel forward on a path to their goals. Ways for coaches and clients to employ intuition and the more subtle aspects of being add to the complete approach. Finding out how sense of purpose can impact motivation or shape an aspiration is also part of this model described.

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