Lisa Zahn
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Working with the inner critic

Thoughts On Demand: Turn Negative Self-Talk into Unstoppable Confidence

Negative self-talk. How many times has it weighed you down, held you back, stripped you of confidence, made you feel like an imposter?

Negative self-talk tells you you need to do better, be better. But it’s never satisfied. Ever.

In Thoughts On Demand, life coach and classical musician Paul Boehnke reveals a simple, power- ful, and sustainable method to reprogram the voice in your head—and change your life in the process.

Combining techniques of performance with principles of coaching, Thoughts On Demand will help you:
• overcome self-doubt to discover self-worth,
• recognize the lies we believe and why we believe them,
• move past roadblocks to the truth, and
• alleviate the suffering caused by negative self-talk.

The author also tackles topics such as fear, surrender, wholeness, and how a broader perspective can help you live into your unique purpose. Reprogram your critical inner voice and change your life for the better with the lessons and insights in this self-help guide.

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