Helen Zink
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Team Coaching and Organisational Development

Team Coaching for Organisational Development: Team, Leader, Organisation, Coach and Supervision perspectives

Working with teams, leading teams, and being a member of a team is part of everyday working life for most of us. Through the lens of a team coaching case study, this book considers the development journey of a team and system influences over a three-year period. Readers are invited to walk in the shoes of the team, the team leader, the organisation, the team coach, and the coach’s supervision and support networks, providing a unique insight into team coaching and development.
The five perspectives are compared and insight gained by reflecting on potential impact if different choices had been made during the journey. How learning from this case will be applied in the future is also covered.
“Many things make this book a unique and valuable contribution to our understanding of team coaching. There are very few in-depth case studies of team coaching, and no others I am aware of with such a wealth of reflection over such a substantial period of time.” Prof David Clutterbuck

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